Why a new blog and a recipe…

Hello all!

I have been spending quite a bit of time lately reading other people’s blogs.  I have also started making some lifestyle changes, trying new healthy recipes and have started a new Bible Study.  So, I decided to start my own blog documenting my journey in a healthy life.  I thought that some of my ideas, challenges and recipes might help or inspire others and if nothing else a blog may help me to keep track of some recipes that I try and hold myself accountable.  So, if you are reading this; thanks for stopping by.  If your not reading this you will have no idea what I am saying, but thanks for nothing ;P.  I am going to start my blog off with some of my current healthy goals as well as a recipe I made up at breakfast this morning that ended up being really yummy!


1. Get rid of the rest of my baby weight.

Baby? you say, you don’t have a baby!  And you would be right.  My baby is almost 3 and I still have an extra 10-15 lbs hanging on that I would really like to loose by the time he is three.  I have started using mynetdiary.com on my IPhone and have been doing well with it, though the weight hasn’t been coming off quite like I would like.  I have upped my working-out and started doing some weight training with 30 day shred, so I am hoping that right now some of the fat is turning into muscle and after I jump start that some of the weight will come off.  So, maybe I won’t get there by the time he is three, but hopefully soon there after.

2. Continue to run 4-5 times a week and improve my 5K time.

I did my second 5K (the first was two years ago) a couple of weeks ago.  I ran it with my hubby and it was a lot of fun.  I found out about another one today that is on November 5th.  It is a race for WELLness and it is raising money to drill wells for clean drinking water in India.  It is run by a junior in high school at my church and I think it is a great cause that I want to support!  A couple of weeks back I ran the 5K in 33:13 which was a great improvement over my normal 12 minute mile pace.  I have shown myself I can run faster and hope to keep it up and even beat my time at this next 5K.

3. Be consistent in Bible Study and memorize more scripture.

The Bible Study I am doing right now is Living Free by Beth Moore.  It is about living free from strongholds and having Jesus as your stronghold.  It’s focus on how to achieve that is by learning to pray scripture.  I am very excited about doing this more and hope to be able to practice it more and more and know more scripture to be able to achieve this goal.

The last goal I have right now is:

4. To try 1-2 new recipes each week including creating my own.

I have always been afraid to make my own recipes.  I am a pretty straightforward follow the book type of girl, so I have been afraid to make my own recipes.  This morning I tried my own simple recipe and found out it turned out good.  I hope to do this more and more and grow in this area.

Now to the recipe.  It was real simple and I wish I would have taken a picture to show you, but I plan to make this again tomorrow for breakfast, so maybe I will add it then.

Maple-Almond-Pear Oatmeal

This morning I started with leftover steel cut oats that I warmed back up with a splash of milk.  If you have never tried steel cut oats you should!  They have a nice nutty texture and great health benefits.  Here is a link to the Bob’s Red Mill Website outlining the health benefits. http://www.bobsredmill.com/steel-cut-oats.html  I buy these at Hy-Vee in the Health Market area.

I then cut up half of a pear into bite-size pieces and placed them in a saute pan on the stove.  I sprinkled the pieces with cinnamon and drizzled a teaspoon of maple syrup on top.  I cooked them for around 5-7 minutes over medium heat until they were soft.

Meanwhile I added a tsp of almond butter to my oatmeal and stirred to mix.

When the pears were done I spooned them on top of my oatmeal and enjoyed!  It was better than I even expected and had many different flavor layers!  It was also a very filling and satisfying breakfast.  It was 268 calories and kept me from feeling hungry for over 4 hours.  So, try it the next time you have a few minutes for breakfast!

Maple-Almond-Pear Oatmeal

Serves 1

Prep time 8 minutes with leftover oats and about 20 minutes making fresh oats

1/2 cup cooked steel cut oats

1/2 pear

dash of cinnamon

1 tsp maple syrup

1 tsp (or more if desired) almond butter

1. Start cooking oats following package. Or reheat leftover oats with a splash of water

2. Cut-up half of a pear into bite-size pieces and place in saute pan.

3. Sprinkle pear with cinnamon and drizzle the maple syrup over top cooking until soft.

4.Stir almond butter into oatmeal

5. Top with pears and enjoy!

I am hoping to post here at least every other day.  Now off to do Bible Study and 30 day shred.  Good luck in all of your healthy goals and steps that you take today in living a healthy, full life!


About ahealthymom

I am a stay-at home mom to two boys who is very active in my church through Bible Study, Mops, Sunday School, small group and being a sponsor for our middle school youth group. I strive to live a healthy life everyday in all kinds of ways. The first in my relationship with God, also in healthy eating and exercise, healthy relationships to name a few. I have been following other blogs lately and decided to start my own where I would share ways I am living a healthy life, through my exercise plans, eating and recipes, Bible studies, parenting and various other relationships in life.
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