Goals to kick off a new year

As a new year approaches it is the time of year to start to think ahead and plan what we want to do in the new year.  I know lots of people have new year’s resolutions that they promptly break after a day or two.  So, I am not going to think of them as resolutions, but goals or things I want to try in January.

Goal 1. Eat Clean

I am already inclined to eat whole grains and plenty of fruits and vegetables, but recently the idea of eating clean has intrigued me.  I have been doing some reading on eating clean, but still need to do some research on what it all entails.  Today I put some books on hold at the library to get a better grasp on what to eat and recipes to try.  The basic things I am going to start with is using only whole grains, and no overly processed foods, including white flour and sugar.  Another part of this diet is eating 5-6 meals a day.  As I start out in January I will be posting all that I learn as well as the recipes that I try and like.  I am going to allow myself one non-clean meal and one non-clean dessert once a week as well as 1 piece of organic 70% dark chocolate a day.

Goal 2. Work-out at least 5 days a week

My husband and I did a 5k together last September and would like to do a 10k this spring or summer.  I would also like to up my toning and strengthening.  In January, our church is offering a free 4-week Zumba class.  I have signed up and am looking forward to trying that out as well.

Goal 3. Reduce Spending

I want to try doing some no spending months.  In these months I will spend money on gas, groceries and normal bills, but will try not to spend money on other things.  Any eating out will be done using gift cards and will be limited due to Goal #1.  Any emergencies that arise would of course be exceptions to this.  I plan on January being my first no spending month.

Goal 4. Reduce Clutter and Waste

In the past I have been somewhat of a pack rat.  So far this year I have saved every paper my son has brought home from preschool.  As I was looking for a white elephant gift for a Christmas party I attended I discovered a couple of boxes that had been untouched from our move 3 years ago.  In a few of these boxes were things like half used candles and other “junk” that I have saved for who know why.  I started today by throwing things away as well as starting some boxes for goodwill.  I also went through the toys and donated/saved for future/ and threw out things there as well.  I hope to do more sorting over the coming week and really limit the things we keep/ bring into the house in the future.


I am hoping that I can stick to these goals and really get this new year off to a great start!

What goals do you hope to set/achieve in the new year?


About ahealthymom

I am a stay-at home mom to two boys who is very active in my church through Bible Study, Mops, Sunday School, small group and being a sponsor for our middle school youth group. I strive to live a healthy life everyday in all kinds of ways. The first in my relationship with God, also in healthy eating and exercise, healthy relationships to name a few. I have been following other blogs lately and decided to start my own where I would share ways I am living a healthy life, through my exercise plans, eating and recipes, Bible studies, parenting and various other relationships in life.
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One Response to Goals to kick off a new year

  1. Great goals! I was thinking about taking the zumba class too! Sounds like fun! One of my goals is to tone up more and also to run a 10k. My husband wants to run a half marathon together but I’m not sure I’m up for that. 🙂

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