My first whole foods meal plan

Happy New Year!

I am so excited to transition to this new eating lifestyle.  I am not sure my family is totally on board, but I am hoping that we will love the way we feel eating this way and will never want to go back.  I have found great help on the website  Most of the recipes I will be using I have found on there.   If you are interested in eating more whole/ real foods I suggest you check it out.  The guidelines I am following in my cooking/ eating are: no sugar (the only sweeteners I will be using are raw honey and pure maple syrup and they will be used sparingly), the only oils I will be using to cook/bake with are unsalted butter, coconut oil and olive oil, no white flours and no highly processed foods.  I am using processed foods, but the guidelines I am following are nothing store bought with more than 5 ingredients and all ingredients listed have to be natural and fit my previous mentioned guidelines.  For example, I will be eating wheat pasta, but in all that I bought whole wheat flour was the only ingredient listed.  I am also going to try to eat local food as much as possible.  I am buying local free- range chicken and grass-fed beef and trying to go all organic if possible.  I know that this may sound crazy and you may be thinking, her food bill is going to be through the roof!  For me, it is worth the tradeoffs to try it out.  I am going to try it out and see how it goes.  I have found already in not buying processed, packaged foods I am saving money.  This money then goes to allow me to buy higher priced meats and vegetables.  We are also going to reduce our eating out to rare occasions, so we can transfer some eating out money to grocery money.  I plan to try this out for a couple of months and then make changes if needed.  So, without me rambling on any further, here is this weeks meal plan.

Sunday night 1st: Homemade pizza with fresh mozzarella and whole wheat pizza crust.

Monday 2nd: Breakfast- Homemade wheat waffles, fruit

Lunch-Leftover pizza

Dinner-Whole wheat pasta with olive oil/ butter, prosciutto vegetables and

cheese, salad

Tuesday 3rd-Breakfast- Banana Pancakes

Lunch- Peanut Butter and whole fruit jelly sandwiches, broccoli, apple/applesauce

Dinner-Bacon, eggs, potato pancakes, pears

Wednesday 4th– Breakfast- Leftover pancakes or waffles from freezer, greek yogurt

Lunch- Either PBJ sandwiches or homemade macaroni with vegetable and fruit

Dinner-Whole Chicken in Crockpot, mashed potatoes, green beans

Thursday 5th– Breakfast-Steel Cut oats with peanut butter, Fruit

Lunch-Leftovers, vegetable

Dinner-Chicken noodle soup, fruit, whole wheat biscuits

Friday 6th– Breakfast- Eggs, leftover pancakes/waffles, fruit

Lunch- Leftovers or sandwiches

Dinner-spaghetti and meat balls/meat sauce (haven’t decided yet), salad

Saturday 7th-Breakfast-more of the same

Lunch- Leftovers

Dinner-Homemade whole wheat Chicken Nuggets, Baked French fries, other veggie

I have a bunch of frozen vegetables, so when it says veggie I will just use what I feel like.  Lunches kind of just vary on the day or I may try something new.  This is just a rough outline- the dinners are the more set part of the menu.  I will most likely post links or recipes as I make them up as the days go by, but this is just a look at what is to come on the week ahead.

Snacks will be air-popped popcorn (using our new air-popper), raw almond, raw sunflower seeds, applesauce, greek yogurt, fruit and carrot or other veggie sticks with hummus.

I am allowing myself one square of dark chocolate a day and plan to get starbucks once a week as I got a bunch of gift cards for Christmas.  My goal for now is to eat 80-90% whole food and then go from there.  I want to be healthy, but don’t want to deprive myself completely or I know I will fail.  I hope that you are all having a great start to your new year!


About ahealthymom

I am a stay-at home mom to two boys who is very active in my church through Bible Study, Mops, Sunday School, small group and being a sponsor for our middle school youth group. I strive to live a healthy life everyday in all kinds of ways. The first in my relationship with God, also in healthy eating and exercise, healthy relationships to name a few. I have been following other blogs lately and decided to start my own where I would share ways I am living a healthy life, through my exercise plans, eating and recipes, Bible studies, parenting and various other relationships in life.
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